Wuyuan is like a tenderness countryside woman

26/02/2014 10:37

Wuyuan County ( simplified Chinese : 婺源县 ; traditional Chinese : 婺源縣 ; pinyin : Wùyuán Xiàn ) is a county of Jiangxi province, People's Republic of China. It is under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Shangrao. Welcome to China for Canton fair. HRC is pleasure to provide Guangzhou hotels booking, China Tour guide and Indochina tour packages for you.

Wuyuan is like a tenderness countryside woman. Mountains Meidai, water as bright eyes. Canola flower child is her beautiful clothes, the fragrance of the 'Xianzhi tea' is her beautiful skirts. Ancient camphor tree exudes a faint not absolutely breath, her body that intoxicating fragrance. steaming mist rising, and for a touch on her face milky veil cage, sometimes veiled, sometimes whisk dew, this woman more than a hint shy and charming.
The appraisal conducted by People’s Daily Online in 2009, titled the Most Beautiful Canola Sea in China, attracted the participation of more than 1 million voters. Hanzhong grabbed the list’s top spot due to its wide coverage of flowers and picturesque scenery integrating flowers, buildings, and people.