Wuyi Mountains National Park is really a spine

12/11/2012 13:29

  The birth of Wuyi Mountains traces back a billion or more years ago,when shiftings and upheavals within the earth thrust skyward a ridge line.More than the eons,tree have sophisticated up the slopes and claimed a lot of the mountains;only some peaks nevertheless stand barren.
Situated within the north of Fujian Province,southeast China.Wuyi Mountains National Park is really a spine,which had experienced a lengthy period of dramatic changes in landform right after the crustal movement in the Himalayas.Impacted through the new tectonic movement in the Quaternary Period,large places in this park were uplifted.The distinction inside the upheavals resulted inside a fantastic disparity among the higher as well as the low landforms,producing a drop of more than 1,700 meters from the summit of Mountain Huanggang to the valley floor.More information about China Tours in chinatourguide.com
Evergreen broad-leaf forest is dispatched or distributed in the east continental coastal location of subtropical zone. In accordance with the distribution of zone, evergreen broad-leaf forest could be divided into Asia evergreen broad-leaf forest, America evergreen broad leaf forest, Africa evergreen broad leaf forest and Oceania evergreen broad leaf forest. In China, evergreen broad leaf forest is planted most broadly. Apart from, the subtropical evergreen forest occupies 3 fourths of the total area of Chinese evergreen broad leaf forest. The plant species covers the common plants such as Fagaceae?¡éLauraceae Theaceae?¡éMagnoLiaceae?¡éHamamelidaceae, Elaeocarpaceae. Wuyishan Mountain would be the typical representative on the evergreen broad leaf forest. Apart from, the evergreen broad leaf forest in Wuyishan Mountain may be the most common in China for its Asia subtropical evergreen broad leaf forest. It has the richest species and has the very best preserved forest ecological system.

  Comparison with all the landscape from the other world heritages in China, the magnificence of Huangshan Mountain, elegance of Emei Mountain, oldness of Mountain Taishan. These heritages all possess the landscapes of mountains, or have mountains except water, or water but boating is unavailable, or have the long background and culture but lack of landscape, or have landscape but lack of history and culture. Mountain Wuyishan integrates mountains, rivers and the grand landscapes. The strangeness, elegance, beauty and oldness are all shown in Wuyishan Mountain location. It is also wealthy in culture and history.