Tulou is actually a particular construction in China

12/11/2012 13:41

  Tulou is actually a particular construction in China. The Hakka Tulou culture in Yong Ding County are special inside the world.You will find a lot more than 20,000 Tulou buildings of several sizes in Yongding County. Archaeological finds have proved that people living five,000 to 6,000 years ago had mastered the earth ramming method.

  A tulou is normally a big, enclosed and fortified earth constructing, most frequently rectangular or circular in configuration, with quite thick load-bearing rammed earth walls amongst three and 5 storeys higher and housing as much as 80 families. Smaller sized interior buildings are typically enclosed by these large peripheral walls which may contain halls, storehouses, wells and living locations, the entire structure resembling a small fortified city.
  The Tulous are rurul dwellings discovered in the southeastern province of Fujian. Constructed from the 12th century correct up to the 20th, Tulou is typically three to 5 stories structures having a thick, earthern wall along with a single entrance. They tend to be vast, well-fortified structures capable of housing up to 800 folks.
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