The Xiangjiang Wild Animals World is considered as a 5A tourism attraction

08/07/2013 16:06

What makes the Xiangjiang Wild Animals World even Far better is that its existence is not merely for entertainMalest of tourists. This place is also dedicated to Support out in scientific research. More importantly, it aims to push proliferation of Know-how and education about animals and wildlife to more people. The Canton fair 2013 will be helded in Guangzhou, maybe you can go to the Xiangjiang Wild Animal World to enjoy the exciting life if you have a time.
The Xiangjiang Wild Animals World is considered as a 5A tourism attraction. It Indicates that its beauty is definitely world-Course. In fact, this is Recognised as the biggest wild animal theme park in the world. This is primarily because the population of wild animals which have found home in this place exceeds all others.

Tourists can take small excursion trains located in the boarding area and go deep into Locations of Asian woods and prairie to enjoy the exciing exEveryience of having close contact with wild animals.
The area of the white tiger there is the world's Bigst habitat for the animal. In Locations of South African Plateau and East African prairie in African area, tourists can enjoy the Unique exotic Acreagescape and appreciate the clustered giraffe, zebra and antelope.