The Water Cube was Developed by PTW Architects and Ove Arup

27/11/2012 13:31

  The Country wide Aquatic Center, or Water Cube, sets next to Beijing Country wide Stadium in the Olympic Green. The cube-Conditiond Aquatic Center is a Metal frame Included with a membrane composed of Vitality-efficient ETFE, a plastic-like Product.
  Before you get your toes wet, it's probably best to consult your wallet. Swimming and playing here does not come cheap. It is RMB 200 for adults and RMB 160 for children. Lockers are available for RMB 20 with an RMB 80 deposit. Don’t forget to bring your own swim gear and towels. Otherwise, rafts, swimsuits, towels and goggles are on sale.

 Come and marvel at the Water Cube and Beijing's other ancient wonders with an Olympic Memories Tour.The Water Cube was Developed by PTW Architects and Ove Arup. Their unique and inspired design was based on the way soap bubbles come together in a 12 or 14-sided cell structure.
  With the 12 months of 2007 approaching, good news Arrived from the construction Websites of the Olympic projects -- the membrane structure of the Outdoors layer of the Country wide Aquatics Center, also called the "Water Cube," was completed on the morning of December 26.
The center will be the venue for swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water-polo final during the Olympic Games.
  Regrettably for locals, the entrance fee of $30 is Quite steep compared to their average income ($138/30 days), so the water park is geared Much more toward Vacationers. Renovations of the project Price about $50 million and was completed by planning and design firm Forrec.