The Temple of Literature was renovated many times

09/04/2013 11:04

  The Temple of Literature was renovated many times and several additional con-structions were built, especially under Minh Mang and Thieu Tri's reign. From Minh Mang's reign onwards, National Examinations were held and steles bearing the names of successful candidates were erected there. These steles bear the names, ages and places of birth of 239 successful candi-dates in National Examinations organized through the Nguyen Dynasty. The Temple of Literature of Hue is a valu-able historic heritage showing the tradition of knowledge appreciation, scholars' administration and study encouragement of the Vietnamese culture.

  The Literature Temple (Van Mieu) was constructed in 1070 during the reign of King Ly Thanh Tong to worship Confucius. This is also the first national university of Vietnam, a Confucian academy, first for the princes and mandarin only, but later distinction students of ordinary families also being accepted. This place also honored 82 doctorates who had passed through a number of rigid exams held here in feudal ages. Their names, birthdays and birthplaces are engraved in 82 headstones perched on crafted tortoises. It is well believed that touching the heads of these tortoises will bring luck.
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