The island of Gulangyu is a pedestrian-only destination

17/12/2013 14:58

The island of Gulangyu is a pedestrian-only destination, where the only vehicles on the islands are several fire trucks and electric tourist buggies. The narrow streets on the island, together with the architecture of various styles around the world, give the island a unique appearance. The site is classified as a AAAAA scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration. Welcome to China for Canton Fair 2014, HRC is pleased to take you to grab a genuine China Tour.

Take the five-minute ferry ride across the harbor from Xiamen. It is free on the outward journey and you pay on the way back. +1 Yuan if you want to sit on the upper deck, which one could opt for to avoid crowds since the ferry tends to get extremely cramped. Another option for the more adventurous traveler would be to walk down to the dock and search for a blue fishing boat with tires around it. These boats will take a larger group of people for cheaper than the ferry and will normally drive you around and give you a personal tour. As you board the return ferry there are many people who offer a return trip in a speedboat, for 10 yuan a person (ferry is 8 yuan a person). If less than 4 people, you may have to wait for them to get 4 people together.
Covering a total area of 1.78 square kilometers, Gulangyu Island is located off the coast of Xiamen City in Fujian Province. The Chinese name also has musical roots, as gu lang means "drum waves," so-called because of the sound generated by the ocean waves hitting the reefs. Yu means "islet."