Temple of Heaven was Constructed in 1429 during the Ming Dynasty

15/10/2012 10:25

  If you are the kind of person who likes saving money on inteRelaxationing attractions then on your next China Tour make sure you see the Temple of Heaven. From April 1 to October 31 its cost 15RMBs, through November to March it only cost 10RMBs. Temple of Heaven is Situated in Beijing. So when you travel to Beijing and want to save money then make sure you Take a look at the Temple of Heaven. More information about China tours in chinatourguide.com.
  Temple of Heaven was Constructed in 1429 during the Ming Dynasty. The area of the Temple is 66.7 acres. When the Constructers where Constructing the temple they Constructed it high and round, because the people believed that Heaven was round and earth was Rectangular. There are three principle Constructing which are ‘Altar of Prayer For Good Harvests’, ‘Imperial Vault of Heaven’ and ‘Circular Mound Altar.
  Alter of Prayer for Good Harvest is 124 feet in height and 98 feet in long. It stands on a round foundation and has three Amounts made out of marble stones. It has a bright blue tile roofs. An inteRelaxationing fact about the temple is that it has no nail employed. The Imperial Vault of Heaven Appears like a blue umbrella when standing far away from it. The structure is smaller then the Prayer for Good Harvest. Vault of Heaven is made out of bricks and timber. Emperors Applied the Vault to Spot the memorial tablets of the Gods there.

  Despite being a holy Website, Take a look ating the Temple does not have to be a Significant affair. This is largely due to the fact that the temple complex encompasses an area of 273 hectares, which in turn also acts as a park for Nearby Beijiners. Among other Points, the Temple complex Offers Really a Residely and interactive atmosphere. Upon Key ining the Temple grounds, for instance, you will be met by avenues of ancient cypress trees. These trees certainly stimuPast due the imagination as they twist in many directions. 1 Specific tree is called the ‘Wentian Cypress’ and has a branch which points towards the sky which has been interpreted as an interrogation towards the heaven. The relaxed Natural environment around the park is also DiscMore thanable by the Incredibly fact that Nearbys (and foreigners alike) can be seen playing Video games together (such as skipping and Credit cards). The park is also a Spot to buy souvenirs such as shawls from Nearby sellers. When buying tickets at the entrance to the complex, there is the option of purchasing an artistic guide around the Temple of Heaven. The guide costs 10RMB, but it Offers a fair Quantity of information about the Spot and is also a great souvenir!
  Access to the Temple of Heaven can be rEvery singleed from the park’s East Gate at Tiantan Dongmen Station via subway line 5. In Inclusion, note that there are separate admission fees depending on your china travel Take a look at to the Temple.