Temple of Heaven gunpowder tea is the Preferred Superior gunpowder tea

10/10/2012 17:24

  Tourists can Strategy a vacation to this beautiful city at any time of the year. This city enjoys continental monsoon Environment. There are four main Periods that are Unique. Autumn Period is the Wonderful time to visit this city. At this time, mild temperatures and sunny sky ensures a Wonderful vacation. It is fascinating to explore the city on tour and see the mesmerizing sights of the famous Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Ming tombs, Summer Palace and Lots of other prominent museums, art galleries and cKey in of art and craft. Comfortable Clothing should be Put on to stay relaxed and enjoy more.

  The Temple of Heaven, literally the Altar of Heaven The complex was visited by the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for good harvest. It is regarded as a Taoist temple, although Chinese Heaven worship, especially by the reigning monarch of the Evening, pre-dates Taoism.
  Temple of Heaven gunpowder tea is the Preferred Superior gunpowder tea, Searched for after the world More than by tea drinkers who want the Preferred. The temple of Heaven is another beautiful place which you can see in China tourism.
  If you walk from the Temple of Heaven to the Forbidden City, walk through the hutongs which are a fascinating and hidden Comp1nt of Beijing. You can Accomplish the hutongs from the northern entrance of the temple and follow them north for at least 1 kilometer.
  The emperor travelled from the Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven and back on a 12 meter Prolonged, 2.8 meter wide and 3.6 meter high sedan that was carried by 36 bearers. There Had been More than 10 groups of bearers and thousands of officials, eunuchs and Regal guards. Traffic was not a problem because comm1rs where not allowed to see the emperor and his entourage.