Summer Palace is one of the most Well-knownimperial gardens in Beijing

28/09/2012 13:16

  Summer Palace is one of the most Well-knownimperial gardens in Beijing, China. It Addresses an expanse of 2.9 square kilometers with 3 quarters of it being water. The Summer Palace, located northwest of Beijing's center, is easily accessible from most Components of the city. It is mainly composed of Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake.

  The building Intricate is arranged around the Longevity Hill, in front of which takes Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha as its center. An ascending axle wire is Established by Paiyun Front door, Er Gong Front door, Cloud-Dispelling Hall, Dehui Hall and Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha. In the rear-hill Region stands the magnificent Tibetan Buddhist Structures and grand pagoda. TRight here are Many pavilions on the mountain such as Fuk Court, Chongcui pavilion etc, on which the marvelous scenery of Kunming Lake could be overlooked.
  When the Jin Dynasty emperor Wányán Liàng (Feb 24, 1122--December 15, 1161 CE) moved his Cash to the Beijing Region, he Experienced a Gold Mountain Palace Constructed on the Website of the hill. In the Yuan Dynasty, the hill was renamed from Gold Mountainto Jug Hill (Weng Shan).
  The Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644--1911), who commissioned Perform on the imperial gardens on the hill in 1749, gave Longevity Hill its present-day name in 1752, in celebration of his Mom's 60th birthday. The Summer Palace started out Existence as the 'Garden of Clear Ripples' in 1750.
  In 1888, it was given the current name, Yihe Yuan. It served as a summer resort for Empress Dowager Cixi, who diverted 30 million taels of silver, Stated to be originally designated for the Chinese navy (Beiyang Fleet), into the reconstruction and enlargement of the Summer Palace.