Some people call Chengdu the "Country of Heaven"

30/10/2012 11:15

  It is formerly known as Chengdu. It's the capital of Sichuan province in southwest China. It is a sub-provincial administrative region. It is an important transportation, economic and communication centre of Western China. It is established on a very fertile plain. Some people also call it the "Country of Heaven". In recent time the China Daily has ranked it China's forth most liveable city. It is also the headquarter of Chengdu Military Region. More information about China Tours in
  The region offers a humid subtropical climate. It is mostly mild and humid throughout the year. It is situated on the western edge of Sichuan Basin, thus is influenced by the north western winds in winters. Snow is rare but experiences frost every winter. Here the summers are hot and humid. Rainfall is common throughout the year. July and August are the peak rainy seasons. The place has the lowest sunshine in China. Those planning to visit the place should book their tickets in advance so as to avail the cheap flights to Chengdu.

  Chengdu is depicted in a poem as "Chengdu Landscape, habitat of giant pandas and city of cotton-rose hibiscus. Benefiting from Dujiangyan Irrigation Project which was constructed in 256 B.C., Sichuan Province is reputed as "Tian Fu Zhi Guo", literally a place richly endowed with natural resources. Sampling the famous Sichuan cuisine is a must on a trip to Chengdu. Enjoying the food as well as the culture, shopping and having tea at a teahouse afford a deeper understanding of Chengdu.
  Sichuanese don't feel hunger pangs, so much as their rear ends stop burning, signaling dangerously low blood-levels of red pepper and capsicum. Most of the dainties to be found on Wuhouci Street, from the boiled chicken feet to the lantern-skin beef, will give off vapors of spice, and a fiery sheen. What most foreign-devils don't know is that the antidote sits on most every table: vinegar. Douse everything with it first; your snacks may taste a trifle tart, but the faces you make will be less disturbing than the scene you'll create if you get an unadulterated dose of Sichuan pepper, shocking nearby babies into spitting out their chili pacifiers.