Shenzhen Window of the World is well divided into eight scenic areas

24/12/2013 09:51

One of the largest theme parks in the country, Shenzhen Window of the World is well divided into eight scenic areas.  It offers marvelous sights of the world, natural landscapes, even folklore and mythical places where tourists can find much pleasure. Welcome to China for Guangzhou Fair 2014, HRC also provide China Tour guide and Indochina Tour packages, welcome to order.
The World Square, being the activity center of the park, is capable of accommodating   over 10,000 travellers and has 10 of the world’s best-known sculptures in the front part of the square.  And all around the square, there are 108 different styles stone pillars and a near 2,000-m2 relief sculpture wall all around the square, as well as a magnificent stage. Travellers can gather before the stage to enjoy the exotic shows and performances from both domestic and foreign performers.  

It was founded on June 18th, 1994. The park is composed of 118 magnificent attractions on different scales from 1:1 to 1:100, which, based on geographical position and category of scenes, is divided into nine scenic areas, they are the World Square, the Area of Asia, the Area of Oceanic, the Area of Europe, the Area of Africa, the Area of America, the Recreational Center of Modern Science & Technology, the Sculpture Park and International Street. Among the sights, there're quite a lot of the world wonders such as the spectacular 108-meter-tall "Eiffel Tower" that stands erect. Tourists can take the elevator to its top to admire the beauty of scenery of Shenzhen and Hong Kong on the heights. Beside the giant tower, the "Niagara Falls" is rushing down with force of thunderbolts.