Million Sunflower Garden is located at south of panyu district

06/10/2013 11:39

Million Sunflower Garden is located at south of panyu district,one of the guangzhou attractions.million sunflowers blossoming all year long creates gorgeous filed scenery, which adds new splendor to the international garden city, Guangzhou. For the first time in china, sunflowers are designed as ornamental plant for super theme park. Currently, there is a trend in the international garden construction, to design and construct ecological park with a certain plant to be the theme. Therefore, sunflowers become the favorite of people because of their unique cultural meanings. Sunflower theme parks are quite popular in japan, Holland ect. Million sunflower garden ranks first worldwide in two aspects: the largest scale of 66.7 hectares and the only one blossoming all year long. Welcome to Guangzhou for Canton Fair 2013 , if you have time, you can go to Sunflower Garden to play.

The Million sunflower garden arouses curiosity to those who hear it. What does million of sunflowers mean? Yes, indeed, the garden has abundant sunflowers and sparkles irresistible beauty. The garden is filled with over one million sunflowers that blossom all year around. Covering an area of 260,000 square meters, it houses over one million ornamental sunflowers imported form Japan. It then becomes the largest garden with the most sunflowers in Guangdong province, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record for having the most sunflowers grown in one area. There was also a plan to import around 100,000 tulips from the Netherland for an exhibition.
There are flowers in bloom all year round, so the park is always beautiful. The Million Sunflower Garden has many varieties of sunflowers, and one of the common ones is called sunshine sunflower, with a green center and bright yellow petals. Others are the red sunflower, the super sunflower which are new variations in the sunflower family. The favorite among all is the one that's named after the famous painter Van Gogh because of his sunflower painting. The inspiration for this name came from the famous Holland painter, Van Gogh, to his masterpiece of the sunflower that is captured hearts of many people。