Ke Garden of Dongguan can be generally divided into four parts

11/09/2013 10:59

Ke Garden of Dongguan is one of the four most famous classic-style gardens in Guangdong. Established in 1850 on the Keyuan Road in Guancheng District, the garden is one of the key cultural relics under state protection in China.

The garden can be generally divided into four parts: three building groups and a yard. The southeast building group is the place for welcoming the guests; the west building group with many pavilions is the place for feasting and viewing; and the north building group is the place prepared for the owner to reside, paint, parade and recite poetry. While in the middle, there is a big courtyard circled by these three groups. The yard consists of southwest and northeast areas. The visitors can see some scenic spots there, such as the Orchid Platform, the Bend Pool. Around the yard, there is a long corridor named Huanbi Corridor which connects the three building groups together closely. Walking along the corridor, the visitors will encounter all the beautiful scenes of the garden.
The entire complicated was developed with wood and bricks, with delicate and elegant carvings around the windows, doors and handrails. The garden might be divided into a few elements based on the landscape and features. The southeast location that is the entrance serves since the place for greeting friends. The west area is for entertaining and dining, whilst the north area is for your operator and his household or guests to reside, go through, draw, and play musical instruments.