Kanas Lake is known by most people for its incredible natural beauty

30/10/2012 11:30

  It seems as though one of Xinjiang’s most popular tourist destinations is about to get a makeover. Kanas Lake, located in the northern tip of the Xinjiang province, is known by most people for its incredible natural beauty and a “Loch Ness”-like monster, but it might soon be home to a majestic new theater as well.
  Not only there are plenty of natural resources and animals in Kanas, the tourism environment and cultural resources here is also rich and unique, perfectly combining vigorous sceneries of North China and charming mountain and river sceneries of South China together. In addition, scenic spots such as Glory in Sea Cloud, Color Changing Lake and Floodwood Causeway have become the most attracting attractions in Xinjiang already.

  Arriving in Kanas Lake, you will find a paradise for spending vocations. Thick forests stand by the riverbank, giving out scent of pines. In grasslands on the hill, there are blocks of log cabins, including new European-style houses and local traditional houses of Tuwa People. The lakeside is covered with lush grasses and trees, some trestles stretching to the middle of the lake. Mid-level morning fogs and beautiful lakeside sceneries can be viewed from the bridgehead and you can reach the other side of the river by the yacht. A wooden bridge connects the east and the west of the lake in the drain opening of the lake. Standing on the bridge, flat Dragon Bay is to the north while rushing Kanas River lies to the south. In the evening, everything here is shrouded in golden and smoke is rising to the sky slowly from kitchen chimneys. Such beautiful sceneries of Kanas are entitled the "Oriental Switzerland Scenery".
  With a stretch of virginal forest, the Crouching Dragon Bay shapes like a cauldron, so that it is called Cauldron-bottom Lake by the local people. The Crouching Dragon Bay has a water area of about 90,000 sq meters. The Kanas River slowly flows by, its color is pure blue and clean and soft waves are floating, with the scenery of rivers and mountains behind being reflected on the water. The ait in the bay looks like a giant crouching bay. It is said that long, long ago, a giant dragon once played with water by mounting the clouds and riding the mist. All of sudden, the weather changed drastically, the ice sealed and snow froze in a moment, for which the giant dragon was frozen stiff here, thus being named the Crouching Dragon Bay. There is an ideal place for fishing (once a 2 meter-long Big Red Fish was catched).