Guangzhou Pearl River at night is bright among neon lights

13/03/2013 14:36

Pearl River a total length of 2129 kilometers, is China's third longest river its name from the "Pearl, Stone". Flows through the city of Guangzhou, the Pearl River, miles, the river has a huge Isle, Isle long-term river erosion become smooth smooth, shaped like a pearl, known as the "Pearl, Stone".
Guangzhou Pearl River or Canton River is called Zhu Jiang in Chinese. It is the third longest river (2200 kilometers, after the Yangtze River and the Yellow River) of China. The branches of Zhu River including Eastern Branch, Western Branch and Northern Branch converge together in the Guangzhou section of Zhu River. Sceneries along the Pearl River are beautiful and are especially charming at night. Taking a riverboat cruise on the Pearl River is such a enjoyable thing to do in Guangzhou, that most every tourist there will enjoy it. Guangzhou Pearl River at night is bright among neon lights and is a breath taken highlight of Guangzhou nowadays. Pearl River is quiet, and you can just put your mind in melodic sound from the waves. There are several night cruises available. Some are just cruises and some others provide tea and Chinese delicacies. A dinner cruise on the Pearl River is quite romantic!  Book Canton Fair 2013 Hotel Package in or, get FREE ticket for Pearl River Night Cruise

  Compared with daytime cruises on the Pearl River, night cruises are more attractive. The sparkling lights on both banks of the river and the moon reflecting on its waters create a magical atmosphere. Night cruises start from the White Goose Pool and end at either the Guangzhou Bridge in the east or the Baihedong (White Crane Cave) in the south. During the two hour cruise every visitor will be entranced by the beauty of the Pearl River and sights.
  The Pearl River is composed of three river systems including the East River, the West River, and the North Riverr. The three river systems converge in Guangzhou, resulting in fascinating vistas. At night, under sparkling lights, the boat carrying passengers depart from the Xidi Wharf near the People's Bridge, sailing eastward, passing the Liberation Bridge, Haizhu Bridge, Haiyin Bridge, Guangzhou Bridge, and Hedong Bridge, before returning to the wharf. This section of the river offer visitors vistas such as "the Red Heart of the Pearl River", "the Spring Dawning on the East Lake", "Wall of Sails at Huangpu", and "Night Moon over the Goose Pond", which are among Guangzhou's top eight sights; it also provides views of the Southern Building, Aiqun Building, Guangzhou Hotel, Huaxia Hotek, Jiangwan Hotel, Ersha Haizhu Plaza Garden, the White Swan Hotel, and Shamian Foreign-style Building Complex. The cruise takes approximately two hours.