Danxia Mountain is named from the Danxia Mountain in Nanzhao County

10/10/2013 15:01

Danxia Mountain, the red stone park of China, covering an area of 292 square km and situated in the border area of Renhua County and Zhenjiang District of Shaoguan City ,Guangdong Province, is a National Scenic Area, a National Natural Reserve, a National Geological Park and a National AAAA grade Tourist Area. It was approved by the UNESCO on Feb 14, 2004 to be among the first World Geological Parks, and was listed as a World Natural Heritage by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO on Aug 2, 2010.

Renhua Danxia Mountain is named from the Danxia Mountain in Nanzhao County, Henan Province. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Li Yongmao and his family refuged here for many times, and bought the mountain here from Liu Wang Fu, Liu Songtao. Because Li could not forget his hometown, he used the name Danxia Mountain according the name of the mountain in his hometown.
Bestowed with long and rich historical and cultural connotation, Danxia Mountain became a scenic spot in the south of the Five Ridges where sages, scholars and men of letters longed for since the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Since then, many scholars and writers inscribed poems to meditate on the past and worry about the present, and Buddhist monks and Taoist priests came to establish temples and attracted many followers, leaving legends, poems, prose, engravings on the cliffs and steles.