China has an unrivalled allure for many visitors around the world

19/10/2012 14:47

  China has an unrivalled allure for many visitors around the world who visit this country for diverse reasons. As a country with a long history and rich traditions and cultures, there are multiple opportunities for visitors to explore its many facets such as the food, music, natural and historical landmarks, and many others. No matter what brings you to China, you might want to get yourself prepared and ready before you leave for the country.

The great wall -
One of the masterpieces that will leave you fascinated during your China travel is the Great Wall of China. It is a historical and cultural masterpiece of the country, which is not possible for any visitor to skip on his travel to China. It is a beautiful place and very popular among the tourists. The history of the wall goes back to mote than 2,000 years during the period of Warring States. Walls were built around their territories to self protect one from the enemies. This was the beginning of building the walls and subsequently dynasties continued building the walls to protect them. It is one of the undeniable facts about China that this wall is the longest defense wall in the world.
 There are many sections of Great Wall China. I think the sections in Beijing will be enough for your Great Wall hiking. If you want to kave a long-time hiking on it, I will suggest simatai section. IF you do not have enough time for hiking, badaling section and mutiianyu section will be suitable.

The temple of heaven -
Temple of heaven found a place in the list of world heritage sites in 1998 and is today one of the most scenic spots in the country. Located in the southern part of Beijing was built in 1420 by the emperors who used this place for worshiping their gods. The temple is a perfect example of the finest blend of the art and architecture. It is an amazing work of art, architecture and landscape design, which had a deep impact and influence on the architecture planning of the surrounding regions for many centuries. The design of the temple stands for theories of feudal system, which were a part of the country for many centuries. According to the legends, it is the right meeting point of heaven and Earth.

Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses-
In Xian lies a site where there are Terracotta warriors and horses, which have been there for mote than 2000 years now. The site has been named as the 'Museum of Emperor Qin Shihuang's Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses'. This incredible site was discovered accidentally in March 1974, when the farmers were digging for a well. Thus, this way the greatest archaeological site was discovered. The first site was named as the Vault one as the next were uncovered; they were given the names of Vault two and Vault three. All these vaults contain thousands of life sized terracotta warriors. The whole army is places that would accompany the emperor to battle.

Potala Palace -
A sacred place for hundred of years, and the residence of the spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhism Dalai Lama is the Potala Palace. Built in the seventh century by Songtsen Gampo is located on the Red Mountains in Lhasa. One will find a huge treasure of materials that are witness to the Tibetan history, culture, and religion. Pilgrims line up every year from all parts of the country to pay homage at this sacred place.

The Forbidden City -
This enchanting Forbidden city is the world's well known architecture located in Beijing. It is China's group of palaces that are the bets and largest in the country. It consists of thousands of beautiful room and wonderful towers. The facts about China reveal the history of Forbidden City, which was the palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The work on the palace started during the rule of Emperor Yongle of Ming dynasty and finished 14 years later.
Forbidden City is also named Palace Museum, which is the place for the Qing emperors. Forbidden city is located at the city center of Beijing. You can get into it at Tian'anmen. This is one place that you should not miss for a China travel. You will know more about Chinese history through it.