Chime-Long Paradise has 6 different zones

05/06/2013 15:13

Chime-Long Paradise has 6 different zones which cater for different kinds of visitors: Happy Kingdom contains a lot of amusement items which is good for young children and families; the Screaming area has many challenging items suitable for brave young visitors; Storm Island has adopted a a mediaeval European look. Happy Water World has a lot of items related to the theme of water; It is very popular during summer and autumn when visitors can have a whale of a time at Raft Ride, Shoot the Chute, Twister Vehicle and Splash Battle. the Central Performance Square hosts various different interesting performances; White Tiger Streets has a plentiful amount shopping areas. Welcome to the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus when you attend Canton Fair 2013.

If the safari park houses endangered animals of several species, here you can get acquainted with the crocodiles and their lifecycle. There are about 100,000 crocodiles in the park. But, this is not all, as the park also organizes science education programs and animal shows.
The only U skate board in Asia; it is the perfect combination of jumping machine and roller coaster, just like a huge horseshoe magnet in the sky to accumulate limitless energy from earth and sky. It would bring you to have a 360-degree turn and launches a rapid assault at the same time, making you feel like a balloon being thrown into the sky, thrown here and there with increasingly large inertia and gravitation so quick that the shadow has been thrown away.