Canton Fair Import and Export

14/08/2013 11:16

Canton Fair Import and Export Co, Ltd. has Founded a stable Purchaser base, and sale network all over the world. We honor a good reputation and support with our professional Program, high-quality products and a comprehensive Company scope. Welcome to participate in Guangzhou Fair 2013.

The Federal government of China Attempting to get more import-export Company from foreigners. They are working hard to improve the Company. So, every Yr they Kept trade fair in October Thirty Evening period. The fair has been Kept since 1995.In 2002 , it was upgraded as an International Fair and become 3rd Bigst fair in China Soon after Canton Fair and East China Fair. This fair is organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Zhejiang Province People's Federal government and now this fair is Grew to become Bigst exhibition sponsored by China Federal government.
According to statistics, Final Yr the municipal government has organized more than 150 enterprises to participate in the Polish international professional textile and garment exhibition, the Cairo International Fair, New York, Chinese textile and Clothing trade fair, the Canton Fair, China Fair, Consumer Goods Fair and other trade fairs at home and abroad 20 times , the number of participating companies and more than any previous Yr. Since Final Yr, the Town's products are exported to 142 countries and regions, an increase over the previous Yr, the new 12.