Beidaihe Scenic Spot is located within the southwest of Qinhuangdao City

22/01/2013 16:16

  Beidaihe Scenic Spot, the well-known summer resort, is located within the southwest of Qinhuangdao City. Its coastlines, seaside attractions and handy transportation all make it a popular location for travelers. Beidaihe Scenic Spot is situated within the warm temperate zone, having a damp monsoon climate and 4 distinct seasons, neither as well hot in summer nor too cold in winter. Consequently, it is suitable for all year round travel, though, the best time to go to is from May to October.

  The long coastline to its south has soft sand and sea water of moderate salinity, making it an excellent location to sunbathe and swim. Many modern holiday villages and public bathing places have been established, where you are able to taste local snacks and delicious seafood, ride inside a speedboat, or relax in a ballroom dancing. If you want to obtain away from the masses, a stroll on the pebbled sand will bring you close to nature.
The Pigeon's Nest Park in Beidaihe District is a popular attraction for travelers. Some individuals contact it Eagle Stone Park simply because there is a stone that is looked like an eagle within this park. And this stone was a resting point for numerous pigeons in the previous, therefore its name.
  Pigeon's Nest Park is an ideal location to savoring the sunrise and sunset. Throughout the summer mornings, a large number of photographers come her to catch the magnificent scene "Sun rising from the sea".